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What are precious stones or gems?

57302814_runestonesWhat distinguishes a gem stone of any other mineral? Why some are precious stones and other minerals do not have this consideration?
There are four characteristics that together make stone precious:

Beauty is the most important, if the gem is not beautiful, there is no sense to use it as jewel.

Durability: a gem is precious when pass from generation to generation. It must maintain its colour, its luminosity and brilliance with little wear over time.

Rarity: a gem when is more rare is more valuable. In terms of supply and demand has much more value than one that can be found everywhere.


In the end, it’s a very simple equation, when you look at a gem quality is a function of the characteristics that have quoted above. The gem with more beauty, more durability, more rare and with more quality sure enough will have higher its value.


There is one last feature that should emphasize – the prestige. Think of an emerald and a tsavorite. The tsavorites are gems that was discovered in Tsavo National Park in Kenya in the 70s it is difficult to find more beautiful gem than a tsavorite with its dark green emerald color. Compared with emerald, tsavorite is even more brilliant and equally beautiful. It is even more durable. In value terms, is 10 times more expensive than emerald. How can it be? It is clear that is because of the prestige that emerald has.
As a recently discovered stone, people do not aspire to have tsavorite, in change to have an emerald. At least for now…
No doubts that over time, these “young” stones will acquire prestige, which translates into value.


The most valuable gem in general terms, is the diamond. This gem is the most beautiful, most durable, which has more prestige, although it is not easy to find diamond that fits all your requirements. Undoubtedly you will find it in THE DIAMOND PALACE.


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