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The Magic and Mystique of Diamonds

Since the beginning of the discovery, diamonds have had the power to mesmerize people. They have inspired poets, were worn by rulers, delighted celebrities, adored by men and women. Today the diamond is widely recognized as a symbol of love and is gaining the interest as a means of investment.

The diamond has been credited with many magical and mystical powers. The word “Diamond” originates from the Greek “Adamas”, which means invincible. At one time diamonds were a symbol of invincibility. It was believed that the possession of a diamond would grant the owner great strength and courage. It was also believed that diamonds had the ability to drive the evil away.

ancient diamond jewelry

Diamonds are the ultimate emblem of romance, and during 1500s were looked upon as talismans, able to enhance the love. It’s indestructibility suggests the eternity of love of a husband for his wife. Even sexual prowess has been strongly attributed to the diamond.

In Hinduism, the magical powers diamonds possessed were associated with their color. This way the colorless diamond was believed to empower and enrich the owner, as well as bring good luck; the cognac colored diamond prevented aging; diamond with the color of kodali flower brought success; and gray or black diamond was brought good fortune. At the same time, yellow and red diamonds could only be worn by kings alone.

fancy coloured

Diamonds were known to bestow many different mystical powers on its owners. However, not all of them were of a good nature. The infamous Hope Diamond would be an example. This vibrant blue diamond, currently located at the Smithsonian Institution, is surrounded with legends of disaster and misfortune it brought upon those in possession of it. Nonetheless, bad luck diamonds are rather an exception in the world of diamonds mystique and diamonds are credited with significantly more positive powers.

hope diamond

It was widely believed that the diamond only holds its power if found, purchased stones lose their ability to grant invincibility, strength, good fortune, or whatever else it was credited with bringing. However, a diamond offered as a gift may have its powers returned. Yet another reason to be offering a diamond engagement ring as a pledge of love!




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