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Spiritual Meaning of Diamond

Diamonds are considered as a fountain of positive energy, they are representing success, wealth, love, health and longevity.

During ancient time, it was believed that diamonds were connected with the spiritual world. It was considered supernatural, which helped people to see through the ambiguity, the others´ thoughts and contributed to establishing kind of telepathic communication. The energy of diamond would help clear human mind, increase concentration and enhance memory ability. It would also evoke purity of thoughts and prevent flounder through indecision.

It was regarded as a guardian, to eliminate negative influence, to protect people from danger, to help people overcome fears, to gain hope, confidence, and spirituality. In short, it helps the owner pull through the “dark night of the soul”.

As for Love, diamond is also an excellent representative. It strengthens relationship as well as love, extends the expiration of affection for those love birds and establishes trust between couples. Diamonds do not only affect romantic relationships but also commercial relationships, family affection, and friendship.

How to benefit furthest from having a diamond? It would be to clean it regularly so that it won’t lose its dazzling shine. It is also recommendable to wear it every month, in this way your diamond can gain energy from the sun.

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Diamonds in Barcelona

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