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Sapphire – the blue member of The Big Three of jewelry gemstones!

Throughout times Sapphire was a highly prized symbol of heavens, it was believed to bestow good health, truth and guard innocence. In material terms, sapphire is a mineral corundum, an aluminum oxide. Sapphires are well known for their hardness, thus, durability. They rank 9 on the 10 point Mohs’ scale, just as its sister-stone ruby.Untitled design (4)

While blue is its most common color, sapphire is available in many other colors, such as violet, yellow, green, orange, pink, purple and even gray, brown or black. Some sapphires are even known to change the color, depending on the light. Such color versatility makes it one of the most important gems. The only color exception would be red, because red colored corundum is, in fact, ruby!

Photographed for the CIBJO project from the Dr. Eduard J. Gubelin Collection.

For Sapphires, color is the most important factor, while considering its quality. The most valued blue sapphires range from velvety blue to violet – blue. They are very saturated and the tone varies from medium to medium-dark. Due to the color richness, the most valuable sapphires come from Kashmir and Burma. In fact, Kashmir sapphires set the standards for blue.

3.08 ct. blue Kashmir sapphire. Unheated, cushion, antique mixed cut.

Clarity is also an important factor to consider, while evaluating stone’s value. High clarity sapphires are very rare and are valued very highly, as some inclusions can affect the durability of the gem. Nevertheless, some sapphire inclusions make up stone’s personality and can add special charm to it. This way, the light reflecting from tiny inclusions, create a much desired velvety star appearance.


A stone with high potential may be ruined by a poor cut. A skilled craftsman will consider many factors before cutting, to fully realize gem’s beauty. Oval and cushion shapes are the most popular amongst blue sapphires, but the variety of cuts is a great as the variety of corundum’s colors!

Fancy sapphires of different shapes


In The Diamond Palace jewelry store in Barcelona, you will be able to find beautiful pieces of blue or fancy sapphire jewelry. You can also purchase loose sapphires for investment purposes or for a custom jewelry piece, which our jewellers can help you create.



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