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Salvador Dali Jewels

We all know Salvador Dali as a Spanish surrealist, an exceptional artist and a very eccentric person. Many are familiar with his ingenious paintings and recognizable style of his masterpieces. However, few people are acquainted with his works made of something more than canvas and oil, but rather with precious stones and gold. Salvador Dali, having a great passion for luxury, created a collection of jewelry pieces, which encompass his unique style and are as exceptional, as his paintings.


Dalí-Joies is a permanent exposition of jewelry, designed by Salvador Dali. The museum is located at Dalí Theatre and Museum in Figueres, Catalonia, Spain. The exhibition contains 37 jewels and 27 designs of jewellery, drawn or painted on paper by the master of surrealism. The artistic development of renowned artist can be traced by observing the collection, the major part of which was created between 1941 and 1970.

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The history began with the purchase of the first 22 extremely precise designs by the United States millionaire Cummins Catherwood. The jewels themselves were created by the team of the professional silversmith in New York, while the artist was closely supervising the process. Later on Dali was involved in the process of creation of special settings and frames for the collection as well. The collected works were then sold to Saudi multimillionaire, then to some Japanese entities, until finally it was acquired by the Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation.

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All of the noble materials used in the creation of jewels were personally selected by the painter. Along with the importance of the value and colors of materials used, the meaning and the symbolic connotations of each one were just as crucial for the artist in the creation of the collection. All the pieces are very unique and some of the items are just as exceptional and as iconic as some of Dali’s paintings.

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