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Reasons to invest in diamonds

diamonds investment in barcelona

Diamonds are known as tokens of love, they are beautiful, desired and luxurious. Also they are gaining their popularity as means of investment. While symbolism behind this precious stone is charming, you wouldn’t invest your savings that were earned so hard into something, based on a simple sentiment. What makes investors from all over the world rationally diversify their portfolios with these stones? The answer does not lie in their beauty. Here are top reasons why diamonds make up a solid investment.

1. Size. It is amazing how such a little item can be worth so much. Diamonds can be easily transferred or kept in a very small safe. Space will never be your problem.

2. Durability. You wouldn’t have to worry about breaking or damaging it. Time will also have no affect over its precious qualities, since it doesn’t wear off.

diamonds in barcelona

3. Practicality. Even though it’s an investment, you can still enjoy your diamond, by mounting it in a jewelry piece and wearing it. With an insurance you wouldn’t have to worry about losing it either.

4. Convertibility. Diamonds are accepted internationally and their value does not change depending on the country, it is the same all over the world.

5. There are practically no maintenance costs associated with owning a diamond. You may want to clean it once in a while if you wear it, but that’s basically it.

6. Diamonds do not lose their value over the years, unlike other luxurious goods. In turn, their value grows constantly due to their rarity.

diamonds investment

7. Investing in diamonds you protect yourself from inflation, their value appreciates in compliance to inflation.

8. Prestige. Diamonds are a luxury product; possession of these gemstones is very prestigious and speaks about owner’s status.

9. Psychologically diamonds make you feel safer, because it’s a physical item, which you can hold, unlike the investment in some company’s stock.

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