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International Women’s Day March 8

The celebration of March 8 has its roots in the international socialist women’s movement of the late nineteenth century, with the aim of promoting the struggle for womens voting rights and fight against discrimination or any restriction based on wealth, property or education level.

In August 1910 the International Socialist Women’s Conference, meeting in Copenhagen, proclaimed the International Day of Working Women, on a proposal from the German Socialist Luise Zietz supported by Clara Zetkin. The Conference was the institutional origin to proclaim March 8 national holiday in some countries like China, Russia, Vietnam and Bulgaria.

But today very few women live this day as a memorial, this day has become a ritual, more in order to pay homage to the female population around the globe. Nowadays it is a day to give gifts and pamper your loved ones and the better way to pamper a woman are jewels! It is important to show your feelings to a special woman you love.
Happy Women’s Day!



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