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Happy Sant Jordi´s day!

The 23 of April is the day of Sant Jordi. This holyday is celebrated from the VI century and has a great tradition in Catalonia and mostly in its capital Barcelona. The World´s Book Day turn to romantic festive day. According to custom couples make gifts exchange: men receive a book and women a rose. Thereby, Barcelona during this day becomes a huge library-flower fair.


However on Sant Jordi´s day not only roses are given. This day becomes a special occasion to give a jewelry unique and unusual to person you love. It is the day that celebrates love in Catalunya. The Catalans are looking for the original gift for loved ones, gift that fits a day of Sant Jodi, a gift with personality.
So what is the perfect Sant Jordi´s gift?
Assuredly the perfect gift is a diamond, something very original and unlike anything you usually present. The eternal love is embodied in the diamond, which is the dream of every woman. Rimless diamond is a stylish, subtle combination of good taste and generosity, as the old truth says: “On small gifts holds friendship and love on big ones”.


The diamond as a gift, has endless possibilities. The variety of shapes, cuts, the various features of color and quality will allow you to choose exactly what you want to express. The form “Heart” of the diamond is undoubtedly the perfect gift for person you love, a round diamond shape for classical traditional and sophisticated people, and fantasy shapes emphasize the originality of the person who gives. A diamond is a gift that will not leave no one indifferent, a way to express feelings, eternal value that never gets old.

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