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Discovered the second biggest diamond of the world

The second biggest diamond of the world was discovered a month ago in a mine in Botswana, in the centre of Africa by the Lucara Diamond company, which is the Canadian diamond product company .
The gemstone off 1.111 carats was taken out from the mine Karowe, 500 km north from the capital Gaborone. This is the biggest ever discovered stone in Botswana and the biggest diamond discovered in the world during the last century.
The mine company Lucara completed with this discovery “The incredible week” in which were discovered other two white diamonds with “excepcional” quality, one is 813 carats and the second one 374 carats, were found in Karowa mine too.



“This was incredible week for Lucara, with the discovery of the second and the sixth biggest diamonds ever found” commented William Lamb, executive director of Lucara Diamond.
The record has a diamond Cullinan with 3.106 carats, which was found in South Africa in 1905. This beautiful stone was cuted to nine separate stones, the most of which can be found among the jewelry of British Royal family.
Yet is not told the value of the beautiful stone, but the same time the mine analyst Kieron Hodgson told to news agency AFP that “ Has a potential to be a very expensive diamond”
In April the diamond of 100 carats without imperfections was sold with the price of 22.1 million dollars in Sotheby’s auction house in New York. The gem was found in South Africa and it taked more than a year to cut, polish and perfected.
Botswana is the biggest producer of the diamonds in the world and this commerce has turned it into the country with middle income.


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