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This really refers to the colourless aspect of the diamond. Diamonds are normally a slight yellowish colour, so the clearer they are, the more valuable they are.
The cut allows certain flexibility in this respect. It is harder to see colour in round diamonds. They are ranked from D (brilliant white) to S-Z (tinted colour). There are more than 20 colour levels and it is extremely difficult to distinguish between colours just by looking.


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Advice for choosing a diamond according to colour:

– The colour of the metal part of the jewellery is very important as it can accentuate or minimise the effect of the colour.
– The jewellery’s colour may seem different in your hand compared to another part of the body.
– When buying loose diamonds, the value of the investment is higher when the diamond is whitest. It is important to see the diamond in your hand as well as set into jewellery. Do not hesitate to ask us for information and consult our gemologist.



Fancy Coloured Diamonds

To distinguish and differentiate the colour, the Gemological Institutions with whom The Diamond Palace works in order to guarantee the diamond, focus on three aspects. They measure the lightness of the diamond in darkness (value), saturation (chrome) and hue (colour). They also use light refraction and fluorescence information when identifying and differentiating the colour.
Natural coloured diamonds are extremely rare, so they tend to have a very high value. At The Diamond Palace, as representatives at the Bourses in Antwerp and Tel Aviv, we have access to rare pieces, such as canary diamonds, blue diamonds, cognac and chocolate coloured diamonds, pink diamonds, red diamonds, green diamonds, etc. Ask us for information about diamonds with no obligation and we will find what you are looking for.


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At The Diamond Palace you can purchase certified loose diamonds. Our gemologist will answer all of your questions and will help you chose the optimal diamond for you. GIA, HRD, IGI certified diamonds in Barcelona at The Diamond Palace.