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The 4 C’s



Diamonds, one of nature’s most pure and beautiful creations, are formed over millions of years under high pressure and temperature conditions. This process results in the strongest and most brilliant of all the gemstones. The diamond was discovered in India and later chosen by the Greeks and Romans as a symbol of strength and absolute power. So, initially, it was admired for its incredible strength and then for its beauty and finally for its economic value, until it attained the title of the most valuable object in the world. It has taken centuries to learn how to work with and cut diamonds to arrive at the perfect shape to unleash its unparalleled brilliance.

To estimate the value of a diamond you need to follow the rules of the 4Cs: carat, clarity, colour and cut. This set of four rules determines the quality of each diamond.

On the one hand, the diamond is the symbol of eternal love and devotion, and on the other, of wealth and power. These most beautiful and renowned jewels are objects of desire, but are also first class investments, as their value increases year on year.