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Diamond Bourse


Whether you are an investor or you want to buy one for jewellery, The Diamond Palace has the diamond you are looking for. Unlike other jewellers or providers, The Diamond Palace, located in Barcelona, is the only jewellery company in Spain representing both of the main official diamond bourses: Antwerp and Tel Aviv.

This means that all of the intermediaries who are usually involved in the chain, from the diamond exchange broker to the client are removed from the process:

Diamond Bourse Broker – Large Wholesaler – Small Wholesaler – Manufacturer or Cutter – Shop – Client.

At The Diamond Palace, we connect you directly to the Diamond Bourse. That’s why we offer the most competitive prices, both for loose diamonds and personalised diamond jewellery (rings and pendants). The Diamond Palace, as well as selling directly to the client, is also a diamond wholesaler.


How does the Diamond Bourse work?

The Diamond Bourse works like the Gold Exchange. In response to the activity of the main companies in the sector, prices fluctuate according to supply and demand. Billions of dollars pass through Tel Aviv, New York and Antwerp where the global diamond price is negotiated and set.

How can I buy a diamond from The Diamond Palace?

At The Diamond Palace we have a diamond valuer with experience in cutting diamonds. Armand, our valuer, gives a Masterclass where he provides personalised, easy and comprehensive training about diamonds and how to choose one.
We also offer all of our clients the opportunity to choose a stone, with the guidance of the valuer, and we then set the diamond into the client’s desired piece of jewellery.

As Diamond Bourse representatives in Antwerp and Israel, The Diamond Palace has access to a variety of stones. We have previously been asked to source pieces that are difficult to find, such as a blue diamond, and, although it was difficult, we found what the client was looking for. At The Diamond Palace we meet all of our client’s expectations, regarding tastes and investment requirements.

How is the price of a diamond set?

Each diamond is unique. Its value is determined, amongst other things, by a set of factors known as the 4Cs: carat, clarity, colour, cut. At The Diamond Palace our gemologist will advise you without obligation and with complete discretion.