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Certificated diamonds

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Diamond certificates provide information about the specific and unique characteristics of each diamond, just like an ID card, providing official, verified information about the qualities of each one. The most highly regarded gemological laboratories produce a full report and issue an official document that certifies the diamond’s qualities. These certificates are fundamentally based on the 4Cs of diamond classification: carat, clarity, colour, cut. In addition to the report, the certificates include a laser inscription on the diamond that contains a registration number and unique security traits.

The Diamond Palace, as representatives of the Antwerp and Tel Aviv Bourses and experts in the sale of loose diamonds, offers official certification from three of the world’s most prestigious laboratories. This is the only way that you can guarantee that you are making the investment most suitable for you at the most competitive price.

The Diamond Palace provides certificates from the most renowned gemological institutions in the world: GIA (Gemological Institute of America), HRD Antwerp (Institute of Gemmology) and IGI (International Gemological Institute). This means that we are the place to buy a diamond that is 100% certified in terms of its quality and provenance.

For further security, at The Diamond Palace we have an expert diamond gemologist, who is also an experienced valuer and who can provide you with a diamond valuation.


General information included on the Diamond Certificate:
– Shape: refers to the form of the diamond determined by its cut.
– Carat: the carat of the diamond.
– Colour: level of colour
– Clarity: level of purity.
– Fluorescence: level of fluorescence. Refers to the light emitted by the diamond under ultraviolent light.
– Proportionality of the diamond’s cut.
– The polish of the diamond.
– Proportions of the diamond: depth, minimum and maximum measurements. Measurements are in millimetres.
– Symmetry.
– Purity: whether there are any defects or inclusions.
– Date the report of certification was issued.




Gemological Institute of America
Non-profit organisation with its headquarters in the USA. It is the biggest company in the world that is entirely dedicated to researching, evaluating and teaching about diamonds. GIA’s International Diamond Grading System is the classification system carried out at this prestigious institution. This laboratory is one of The Diamond Palace’s most important partners for certifying the quality of its diamonds.


The HRD Antwerp Certificate describes all the characteristics of the diamond, based on the 4Cs: carat, colour, clarity and cut. It also confirms the authenticity of the diamond and that it is 100% natural. HRD was the first global laboratory to receive the NBN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation standard, which guarantees the method used for the certificates through numerous audits. Furthermore, the certificates are globally standardised.HRD is another of our most important partners with whom The Diamond Palace has worked from the very beginning, providing certificates for a large stock of diamonds for investment and jewellery.


International Gemological Institute. Classifying and evaluating diamonds since it was founded in 1975. The laboratory is 100% independent. As well as certifying diamonds, the institute evaluates and analyses a variety of gemstones and jewellery. IGI has headquarters across the world: Tel Aviv, Antwerp, New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Toronto, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Toronto and Dubai, to mention a few.

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