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Corum sailing in luxury!

Admirals_Cup_Legend_38_Chronograph_132_101_47_F149_PK11The history of the famous watch brand Corum is divided into two eras. The first goes back to the founding of the company in 1955, when an experienced watchmaker Gaston Rea and his grandson René Bonnavart decided to create a new brand of watches.

The second was characterized by a change in ownership: Corum in 2000 passed into the hands of American businessman Severin Wunderman, the man with modern ideas and new insight into the positioning of the brand and the creation of new models.

The current owner of the company distinguishes several areas in the company. The first is the creation of new versions of known models are in constant demand in the market. These include, first the Admiral’s Cup – “flagship” of the company, a sort of symbol of the brand Corum.

Under the leadership of Wunderman has been redesigned and updated a new version of the famous Golden Bridge collection. In the past fairs this collection of Corum watch has always attracted much attention.

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The striking Maitres d’Horeogerie gave way to simple and understandable in all languages Swiss Timepieces, a new line of watches that are characterized by a brilliant design.

They are distinguished by a body with a longitudinal axis and a curved sapphire crystal, the shape of which resembles a thick magnifying glass. These watches are not only in versions of men and women, but also as a chronograph.

Corum_Admirals_Cup_42mm_Legend_TwoTone_Watch_395_101_24_0F62_AK11 (1)
Admiral’s Cup collection founder of the principles of the philosophy of Corum, since 1960 remains true to his ideals, featuring elegant watches with a strong male character.

Over the years the legendary watches changed their features for more sophisticated, but still embody the love of sailing and maritime exploits. In 2015 in the area of the famous collection they have become colorful maritime signal flags to decorate the cult models of the eighties, to be proud to sail with Corum!

The famous collection of Corum Admiral’s Cup stands out in contemporary watchmaking with new models of watches.

Preserving the legendary design, dodecagonal case has become smaller and lighter with soft and elegant shapes.

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