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Spiritual Meaning of Diamond

Diamonds are considered as a fountain of positive energy, they are representing success, wealth, love, health and longevity. During ancient time, it was believed that diamonds were connected with the spiritual world. It was considered supernatural, which helped people to see through the ambiguity, the others´ thoughts and contributed to establishing kind of telepathic communication. The energy of diamond would...
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Discover The Biggest Diamond Mine

Discover The Biggest Diamond Mine In the year 1955, in a small town called Mirny (Republic of Saja / Russia) located in a corner of Eastern Siberia there has been located a diamantiferous deposit that in a short time was destined to become the largest diamond mine in the world. The images we can see...
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Reasons to invest in diamonds

Diamonds are known as tokens of love, they are beautiful, desired and luxurious. Also they are gaining their popularity as means of investment. While symbolism behind this precious stone is charming, you wouldn’t invest your savings that were earned so hard into something, based on a simple sentiment. What makes investors from all over the...
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Diamond vs. Hydraulic Press

What would happen if you try to crush a diamond with a hydraulic press? Would the hardest substance (as we know it) resist the pressure? The answer is given to us by enthusiasts from Hydraulic Press Channel on Youtube. They took a genuine 1,2 carat certified diamond, worth about 4000 US dollars to test. Whether...
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Why is Wedding Ring Worn on the 4th Finger?

Have you ever wondered why we wear wedding bands on our 4th finger? There’s a beautiful explanation to this very common fenomena. Have you gotten your wedding band already? In The Diamond Palace you can create a 100 % personalized wedding bands for a good price. Great selection of available designs and a custom service...
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The Magic and Mystique of Diamonds

Since the beginning of the discovery, diamonds have had the power to mesmerize people. They have inspired poets, were worn by rulers, delighted celebrities, adored by men and women. Today the diamond is widely recognized as a symbol of love and is gaining the interest as a means of investment. The diamond has been credited...
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Salvador Dali Jewels

We all know Salvador Dali as a Spanish surrealist, an exceptional artist and a very eccentric person. Many are familiar with his ingenious paintings and recognizable style of his masterpieces. However, few people are acquainted with his works made of something more than canvas and oil, but rather with precious stones and gold. Salvador Dali,...
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4 reasons to buy a Swiss made watch.

When you hear about a Swiss made watch, undoubtedly, words, such as quality, class, reliability and elegance come to mind. Broad variety of available quality watches made in Japan, USA, Russia or any other country, have not affected the importance of the words “Swiss made”, engraved on the wrist clock. How did Switzerland gain the...
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International Women’s Day March 8

The celebration of March 8 has its roots in the international socialist women’s movement of the late nineteenth century, with the aim of promoting the struggle for womens voting rights and fight against discrimination or any restriction based on wealth, property or education level. In August 1910 the International Socialist Women’s Conference, meeting in Copenhagen,...
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Discover our diamond jewelry in Barcelona!

Diamond jewelry of high quality and at unbeatable prices. We guarantee competitive prices thanks to our unique way of working: being representatives of Belgian and Israel Diamond Bourses we work without intermediaries and buy our diamonds from the source. As the experts in tailor-made jewelry and the representatives of the best jewelry houses of Belgium,...
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