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Alliance between the watch brand Pequignet and The Diamond Palace


The Diamond Palace team and watch brand Pequignet are proud to announce our recent partnership in the relaunch of the brand, in order to publicize Pequignet and its work, as well as the French watchmaking in general.

Pequignet. The Company

Pequignet was founded in 1973. It is a luxury brand that perpetuates watchmaking. Its headquarters is located in the Jura Mountains (a region with two parts a Swiss and French) in these valleys was designed current the best watchmaking.

Pequignet has been awarded first prize Cadran d’Or in Paris for models like: Cameleone, Sorella and Moorea.

The Pequignet brand is recognized and admired worldwide for their creativity and their timeless beauty.

From 2004 the company began to change its course taking as new purpose creating a French manufacture of high watchmaking. To reach this new goal in 2006 Pequignet opened his lab high watchmaking and then the fabrication shop created hight innovative mechanical movement Calibre Royal.

In 2012 the company Pequignet passed a difficult year on the path to its success. Two private investors purchased the company preserving the independence of the house. Laurent Katz has become the new president of the company and moved it toward a new reborn strategy.

French watchmaking history.

Long ago, there was a day when renowned watchmaking world was French, until the repeal of the Edict of Nantes in 1685 by Henry IV withdrew the Huguenots (substantial of them were king’s watchmakers), what caused the march thousands of them from France. A few hundred were set in the most close to the Jura Mountains regions.The series of political and religious problems in France, especially the Revolution of 1789, continued feeding the march of the most skilled craftsmen in the watchmaking profession. Thus, in the period of the nineteenth century, the Swiss region of Jura became the promised land of the best watchmakers. Without going any further, the case of Abraham Louis Breguet, who was born in Neuchâtel was formed and developed as a watchmaker in France in recent eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

It ended up working and gaining a reputation that still exists in Switzerland. Nowadays France retains its watchmaking soul and imparts the most recognized training in the world.

17,000 French border integrate pictures of watchmakers who are specialists in mechanical watches. But since 1975 (when the quartz was the king of mechanisms), there was no longer any French manufacturing mechanical movement. Though it remains a great passion for this craft lacked gauge manufacturing “made in France”.


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