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4 reasons to buy a Swiss made watch.

When you hear about a Swiss made watch, undoubtedly, words, such as quality, class, reliability and elegance come to mind. Broad variety of available quality watches made in Japan, USA, Russia or any other country, have not affected the importance of the words “Swiss made”, engraved on the wrist clock. How did Switzerland gain the reputation of world´s best watch-maker? Are Swiss watches really special? What makes them so great?swiss made

Fine quality

Switzerland was involved in watch manufacturing from the very start. Besides, it is Swiss-made watches, which were setting the standards of quality back in 16th century. From then on, the Swiss have been excelling at watchmaking and still remain exceptional. Today watchmakers in Switzerland are gathering the fruits of early days deep research in gears. Extraordinary gear design is what makes Swiss wristwatches incredibly precise and durable.

State of art mechanism

To be called a Swiss watch, a timepiece needs to be produced in Switzerland or have a Swiss movement. Long tradition of improving their mechanisms and constant innovation, keeps Swiss manufacturers producing world´s most wanted wristwatches. They combine today´s advanced technology with traditional manufacturing.

swiss movement

Exceptional craftsmanship

For over four centuries, Switzerland has been taking a place of the center of the watch industry. Swiss are known for their great attention to detail. Every product is truly a masterpiece. Buying a Swiss watch, people can be sure that it is not only made with best components, but also with the best labour, having excellent workmanship.

Status symbol

Swiss made watches are proving themselves to be genuinely exceptional. These timepieces are truly luxurious and besides the great quality and mechanisms, they offer a great way of expressing individuality and is a perfect symbol of the status.

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